Kennel Club’s Leading Campaign Collared in Wales

Wales’ Rural Affairs Minister Announces Complete Ban on the use of Electric Shock Collars.

After four years of campaigning, the Kennel Club has jubilantly welcomed the announcement made by Wales’ Rural Affairs Minister, Elin Jones AM that, subject to approval by the National Assembly for Wales, the use of electric shock collars will be banned in Wales. The ban is the first of its kind in the UK and is a ‘huge milestone for dog welfare’.

The Minister has today laid the legislation, the Animal Welfare (Electronic Collars) (Wales) Regulations 2010 before the Assembly, which will need to consider and agree the legislation before a ban can be implemented.

Announcing her decision, Elin Jones AM said:

“On 25 June 2008 I announced my intention, subject to consultation, to introduce legislation to ban the use of electronic training devices in Wales.

“Following careful consideration of the responses to the consultation and with a view to enhancing animal welfare in Wales, I have today laid legislation before the National Assembly for Wales which will ban the use of electric shock collars in Wales.

“This has not been an easy subject to examine. There is genuinely a large degree of concern about how these devices are improperly used, in contrast to responses from people who have used them and found they have worked in stopping an animal from misbehaving.

“However, the Welsh Assembly Government takes animal welfare very seriously and I am confident that the approach I am announcing today will go a long way to promote the welfare of dogs and cats in Wales.”

Kennel Club Communications Director, Caroline Kisko, said: “After almost thirteen years of campaigning in the UK and four years of campaigning in Wales, this truly is a milestone.

“We are delighted by the Minister’s announcement. Electric shock collars train dogs through pain and through fear, they are a cruel, outdated and unsuitable method of training dogs. A YouGov survey about electric shock collars, commissioned by the Kennel Club in 2009 , that 70% disapproved of the use of electric shock collars on dogs, with only 9% of people approving of their use.*   We will continue to urge AMs to pass these regulations which will show that Wales is clearly leading the way on this important welfare issue.”

For further information and advice on the Kennel Club campaign to ban electric shock collars, contact the External Affairs department on 0844 463 3980 ext 301 or click here.



Electric shock collars (above) – worn around a dog’s neck, these work either via a remote control with various settings which, when activated, deliver an electric shock to the neck of a dog, or deliver an electric shock to a dog automatically when a dog barks or enters a pre-defined perimeter shock zone.

Welsh Rural Affairs Minister, Elin Jones, announced her intention to introduce legislation that will prohibit the use of shock collars in Wales in June 2008.

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4 replies

  1. This is wonderful news. I’m delighted that Wales are leading the way in animal welfare. Maybe now they will have the time to address the practice of puppy farms which appear to be rife within the Principality.

  2. It’s about time these horrible things were banned, so this is good news.

    May we now press to have the Captive Bolt Gun banned for use on domestic pets (Dogs, Cats and Rabbits). There is nothing remotely humane about killing by this method!

  3. i think that the electronic collar when used correctly is a safe and humane collar… i have felt the shock ion my neck and it is not so bas.. yes a little uncomfortable on the higher settings but safe enough.. the so called burns aren’t from the collar it is from the handlers negligence to remove the collar and also having it too tight.. i use Tri-Tronics training collars and my dogs are happy to wear them with wagging tails.. i use them correctly.

  4. you really want something to ban, pinch collars… they have been known to breaking the fragile bones and killing dogs from severing the arteries from a prong stabbing them.. yes i have put it on my neck and pulled back like a dog would and it hurt and instantly left red marks for hours.. unlike the electronic shock collar. I will try a training device before it ever goes on my dog…

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