DFS Crufts ‘VIP Guests’ Line-up Announced

I have enormous pleasure in announcing my ‘guests’ on ThePet.net stand at this year’s DFS Crufts. We will be situated in Hall 1 (as you come in), at Stand 59 (right opposite the entrance!!) on the main thoroughfare to the Arena.

On our stand I will be conducting a load of ‘on the sofa’ style interviews with people from all across the dog world; from breeders to exhibitors, trade stand holders to charities, even dog-loving celebrities too.

These will then be edited into YouTube clips and blogged/tweeted out from the NEC that day.

The theme will be ‘how to get a dog’ as part of our ongoing fight against puppy farming.

If you would like to come and chat on camera about your dog-related experiences, business, opinions then come on down!

We will also be hosting some rather special VIP guests every day. These charities will be decorating the stand with their own literature, collecting monies and generally raising awareness for their own causes.

I will also be interviewed on DFS Crufts FM Radio twice a day and inviting spokespeople from these charities on with me.

Timetable is as follows:

Thursday 11th March: Labrador Lifeline – a labrador rescue charity dedicated to the welfare and rehoming of labradors.

Friday 12th March: Oldies Club – a rescue devoted entirely to rehoming and fostering older dogs (and cats).

Saturday 13th March: SOFA – a school-based animal action group campaigning for microchipping to be law.

Sunday 14th March: Rudozem Street Dog Rescue – a non-profit foundation that rescues Street Dogs in Bulgaria and finds loving homes for them.

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5 replies

  1. Thank you for supporting RSDR http://www.streetdogrescue.com with their life saving work in saving the street dogs in Bulgaria. xxxx Diane and Tony Rowles are wonderful people who spend so much time & effort in trying to save as many of these dogs they can. They are a foundation that deserves all the support they can get. Thank you xx


    Anita Parsons

  2. Merci d’aider RSDR !!! Diane et Tony sont des personnes fantastiques, très dévoués pour sauver les chiens de leur village en Bulgarie….. ils ont besoin de tout notre support
    Brigitte Faur

  3. Wishing you all the best for crufts, hopefully it can help raise more awareness in the fight against puppy farming. Would be great to come and say hi, will be at crufts on the saturday and will visit the stand. best wishes Sarah & Steve – Boldavier

  4. we are all keeping our fingers crossed that rsdr will get plenty of donations ……and maybe a high profile patron , so that they can continue the fantastic work they do for the cats and dogs of bulgaria.
    With out the rowles family these animals would die a horrible death .
    Good luck rsdr , i hope everyone sees what wonderful work you do.

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