Charity seeks volunteers for DFS Crufts

The Bella Moss Foundation is calling for volunteers to help run its stand and launch a new hand hygiene campaign during DFS Crufts (March 11-14) at Birmingham NEC.

The charity claims it is crucial that visitors to the stand are able to ask questions about the health of their animals as well as purchasing the new range of antimicrobial products available, so volunteers will all receive full training and free access to the show.

Jill Moss and volunteers at a previous event. If you are interested in taking part, contact Jill Moss on 07860 879079, or email

The Bella Moss Foundation is a charity concerned with improving knowledge of antibiotic-resistant infections in animals.

It offers advice and support to owners whose pets become infected with MRSA and to humans who have MRSA (& other bacterial infections) and have concerns about cross infection.

The charity organises and runs educational seminars and conferences for the veterinary and human fields of medicine on the risk of cross infection between human and animal, as well as taking stands at animal shows throughout the UK and talk to the public about infection control and prevention of the spread of diseases through sensible hand hygiene.

The foundation has two main activities:

1. Providing support and information on care issues to pet owner’s and breed clubs and to individual pet owners, particularly those whose pets have either contracted a serious resistant infection or are at risk of one; and

2. Working with the veterinary profession to provide CPD seminars and international conferences where vets and vet nurses can update their knowledge.

The foundation also represents the pet-owning public on the DEFRA MRSA sub-group of its Antimicrobial Committee; is an associate member of the Parliamentary All-Party Group on Animal Welfare; regularly liaises with the RCVS and veterinary associations on professional issues related to resistant infections and infection control, and regularly presents on its work to veterinary and medical schools and other animal charities.


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