Working with in the Peruvian Amazon

In a few weeks I’ll be travelling to Iquitos, deep in the Peruvian Amazon, to volunteer with incredible charity

I’ll be mainly neutering dogs and cats to help control overpopulation, as well as treating routine health problems and also visiting local schools to talk with school-children about looking after pets.

AmazonCARES (which stands for Community Animal Rescue, Education and Safety) addresses vital topics important to a healthy community
environment in Peru’s remote Amazon region.

These topics include animal welfare, human health, domestic violence prevention, humane education, conservation, environmental issues, respect for wildlife in their natural habitat, safety, responsible pet ownership and assisted animal therapy.

I’ll be tweeting/blogging from Iquitos and writing a full report on my return.
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  1. Dear Marc: Tanks for bringing more attention to Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education and Safety. If you’ve kept up with our blog you have some ideas of what to expect. Yet nothing will compare to the actual experience. Our last group of vets agreed it was their best vet trip ever and all wanted to return (and one became my first PAID employee (outside of the Peruvian staff). Can’t wait to meet you!

  2. How exciting! I’m looking forward to you tweets and blogs from Peru. How amazing to be a part of the hands-on programs that make such a difference for the animals, the people, the rain forest, and ultimately, the world. Thanks for helping to make it happen and for bringing it to those of us who can’t be there, YET!

  3. Good morning, Marc. It does my heart good to read of your dedication toward the people and animals of Iquitos. Taking your knowledge and resources into the Peruvian Amazon seems like a huge undertaking. Thank you for looking at the bigger picture and helping the dream of healthy, happy people and animals come true.
    Gerald Pool

  4. Marc, I really admire your action on traveling to Peru to take care of such important issues. It requires a lot of love for humanity and animals to leave our comfortable houses, our country and travel abroad on our own expenses to make a change in the world. I really can’t say which of your missions would be considered the most important one. Of course taking care of those animals already sick or needing medical care, and neutering health animals to control over population will require your immediate attention but talking to children in schools and other communities about pet ownership is the one that will help prevent future problems. In poor communities, where food and medical are rare, pets are left in second plan, it is human nature. I wish you all the best and keep us updated on your findings and the work you will be doing there. Can’t wait for your updates!

  5. I am Bruno Antoine, the Project Coordinator for Amazon CARES in Peru (although I am French by nationality). We welcome you and fellow volunteers, and thank you for the publicity.

  6. Hi Marc,
    I’m one of the vet nurses who recently went to Iquitos. Yes I can confirm it was the best volunteer trip I have been on. I actually work for one of the clinics who use PETS as an emergency service and have atended one of your Dj evenings in Brighton. I would like to get in touch with you and fill you in about Amazon Cares and also discuss Fluffy the dog featured in the new campaign. i was the one who carried her back from Caballococha, a 9 hour boat journey. She had followed us for a week everywhere we went including into a night club! If you could e mail me I would love to fill you in and see if you could continue some of our unfinished business. You will love it there, the work makes a big difference and they are a fantastic charity.

  7. THANK YOU MARC!!!!!
    I am really thankful for the work that you are giving, those animals need a voice, unfortunately the animal-lovers of my country are not many, but the more people to join the club, the sooner animals will be able to be listened.

  8. I just learned of you through AmazonCares on Twitter. You sound really cool, and Molly needs that. LOL. Your work is amazing, but you will be so incredibly impressed with your experiences with Amazon CARES. I remember when Molly left corporate America and started the charity. Almost 6 years later we are all impressed with her success. THANK YOU for being a part of it too!

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