VOTE VICTORIA: It’s Me or the Dog nominated for People’s Choice Award!!

My good friend Victoria Stilwell’s show, It’s Me or the Dog, has been nominated for a People’s Choice Award in the ‘Favorite Animal Show’ category in the States!!

The awards will be held on January 6th, 2010, and for those of you who aren’t familiar, the winners of each category are selected entirely from votes cast by the public online.

You can vote as often as you like (the more the merrier) and you don’t have to login or join anything – just choose to ‘vote as a guest’.

You don’t have to vote for any other categories if you don’t want to.

Just takes a minute, and if you wouldn’t mind passing this on to anyone you feel might help out, that would be great, too.

This is my choice for:

Favorite Animal Show
It’s Me or the Dog

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