Special Plea: Can You Help Either of these Lovely Active Oldies?‏

Oldies Club is currently caring for two lovely dogs who are on the larger and more active side as oldies go: Jerry the ridgeback cross, and Beethoven the Labrador cross collie.

The problem is that people tend to come to the Oldies Club when they are looking for a smaller or quieter dog, so both of these two have been rather overlooked so far.
Beethoven and Jerry have never met, but they both have the same problem: they are more active than the sort of dog that most of their adopters are looking for!
Jerry is probably only about 7 or 8 years old, and at the moment he is in kennels because they don’t have a suitable foster home available for him. Oldies Club would love to get Jerry out of kennels and into a home environment where he can be more fully assessed: so far they know that he gets on OK with other dogs, and would probably be fine living with older sensible children. More info.


Beethoven has been with Oldies Club for months now, and through no fault of his own, needs to move on from his third foster home where he is living at the moment. They are really hoping he won’t have to be kennelled like Jerry!
He’s a dog that has probably not had the socialising with other dogs that he should have had when he was younger, and not really been given any training or direction until he came into the care of the Oldies Club. He desperately needs a confident owner or family who will give him attention and structure to his life, perhaps with a calm and confident bitch who will help him understand some of the subtleties of dog behaviour that he doesn’t quite ‘get’ at the moment. More info.


Both of these dogs have the potential to make wonderful companions who will probably be with their new families for many years to come, but they are perhaps not the kind of dogs that leap to mind when someone is planning to adopt an oldie.

Because of this, Oldies Club have a challenge for all their supporters.

Can you think of someone you know who might be interested in fostering one of these Active Oldies? Maybe someone who was considering adopting a younger dog? If so, could you suggest they consider Jerry or Beethoven?

Please contact Amy at oldies@oldies.org.uk

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