RIP Buster – such a sweet little dog

Sadly one of television’s most-loved dogs passed away this week and I was incredibly fortunate enough to have worked alongside him.

Paul O’Grady’s faithful mutt Buster was such a gentle little soul and always managed to brighten up the set by just wandering around and doing his own thing.

Equally as happy in the limelight on devoted-owner Paul’s desk to playing in the mud back on the farm, Buster was one of the all-time canine stars of British TV and he will be greatly missed.

After all how many animals do you know who have their own ‘nodding’ replica of them?

Buster & Paul (Pic from The Sun website)
Buster & Paul (Pic from The Sun website)
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  1. It’s always a shame when someone looses a pet. However, although Paul O’Grady professes to be a dog and animal lover, I don’t see much in the media of him promoting the cause of puppy farming etc. With all those contacts he could be making a huge difference.

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