Equafleece donation to Pro Dogs Direct helps rehabilitate dogs damaged by the puppy farming trade

Equafleece is highlighting its ongoing support for the plight of puppy farm dogs by donating some of its Polartec fleece jumpers to help rehabilitate ex-breeding bitches rescued by Pro Dogs Direct.

At last weekend’s hugely successful Discover Dogs I was flattered to be asked to support the charity that ‘picks up the pieces’ and gives these dogs a future.

Pro Dogs Direct rehabilitates and rehomes ex-breeding bitches from puppy farms, many of which often need extra medical care and special treatment to overcome a traumatic past.

Cocker Spaniel Freda (pictured below) was in a horrendous state when she was saved from a puppy farm. She had been used as a breeding machine, churning out litters and litters of pups to be sold to pet shops or puppy dealers, until being rescued by Pro Dogs Direct. It took two years, and thousands of pounds of vet fees, to rehabilitate Freda and she is now has a wonderful life with Tracey Waters.

Pro Dogs Direct Team, 'the Girls' and me at Discover Dogs
Pro Dogs Direct Team, 'the Girls' and me at Discover Dogs

The Kennel Club is lobbying for a change in the laws regarding dog breeding to stamp out the cruel puppy farm trade. Until such changes are made, those looking to buy a puppy should make sure they see the mother and use a breeder from the Kennel Club’s Accredited Breeder Scheme.

When fantastic charities such as ProDogs Direct rescue and rehabilitate these ex-puppy farm breeding bitches their immune systems are incredibly week – a result of them being kept alive just to produce pups for profit.

It’s unlikely that they’ve ever been fed properly, wormed, vaccinated, treated for fleas or any other illness, so they really do need all the help they can get.

By wearing warm and practical Equafleece dog jumpers, these delicate and fragile dogs are more likely to recover fully from their horrific ordeals, become much stronger and happier, and therefore have a greater chance of finding safe new loving homes. they are also especially useful post operatively or for dogs with stiffness or injury.

For more information about Equafleece dog jumpers click here.

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  1. Fantastic news for Pro Dogs Direct that all their efforts are at last being recognised. Thanks too to Equafleece for donating their great product to Pro Dogs Direct.

    It is so good when genuine animal rescue charities get the positive recognition that they deserve.

    Please support Pro Dogs Direct, they do a fantastic job trying to stem the tide of puppy farm bitches from West Wales.

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