Oldies Club ‘Tillie’ is Missing (Wiltshire SN11)

Tillie is a female Jack Russell Terrier x Collie though to be around ten years old.

She has a mostly black body and head, with a white stripe down her face and white around her muzzle. She has some tan colouring around the eyebrow and cheeks. She has a white chest and front of neck with spotting.

Front right leg looks tan and black, other three legs have a lot of white on them. She is an Oldies Club foster dog who went missing from her foster home in Compton Bassett, Calne, Wiltshire SN11 on Wednesday 14 October 2009.
Tillie is wearing a collar and a tag with the phone numbers of her fosterers. There has been a sighting of Tillie at Lower Compton landfill site – Tillie was spooked by the machinery.
Tillie has been described as a “ladies dog” so may be wary of men. She is good with other dogs and children. She has been in her foster home for a few days so not yet very familiar with the area.
Dog warden has been informed.
Please contact Michael on 0787 110 2200 with any sightings/offers of help to search/put up posters. Thank you.

Oldies Club website

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  1. GOOD NEWS!!!!

    From Oldies Club:

    ‘Just to let our supporters know that Tillie is back safe with her foster family. Clever girl found her way back. Big thank you to all who crossposted, went out looking for her etc.’


    Oldies Club – Helping older dogs find forever homes

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