Aid Post-op Recovery for your Pets with the new Soft E Collar

A totally new concept in medical collar that allows animals to recover from surgery in comfort is now available in the UK.

The Soft E Collar provides an effective barrier to a treatment area while ensuring an animal can eat, drink and sleep comfortably. It allows free movement of the head, neck and body so an animal can carry on as normal, being less likely to get depressed.

Very simple to use and fit, it features a drawstring design, enabling you to fit it precisely and securely with its soft fabric tie and ensuring maximum comfort for the animal. The Soft E Collar is available in five sizes and suitable for both dogs and cats, and can withstand clawing and chewing.


The Soft E Collar is made out of super soft fabric, which is non allergenic, non toxic and water repellent, yet extremely strong to withstand claws and teeth.  Very flexible and lightweight, it also folds flat for easy storage and will spring back into its original ‘Elizabethan’ shape.

The Soft E Collar is priced £2.70- £7.22. For more information visit

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