URGENT Weekend Deadline – Foster Home Needed for 13yr old GSD

Snook is a 13 year old long haired GSD who’s owners are moving this weekend into accommodation where they can’t take him. They have been trying for months to find somewhere for Snook with no success.

Snooks is said to have some weakness in his back legs, but otherwise to be in good health and condition. He is neutered and vaccinated.

He’s currently living with two Yorkies and is fine with dogs in the home once introduced. Outside he can sometimes be barky with other dogs, but will soon settle if they don’t bother him. He has never had any contact with cats.

Snook is said to be a happy-go-lucky dog, very obedient and quite lively for his age, he loves people and is great with children of all ages. He likes the car and is used to being left for 6-7 hours.

Can anyone offer Snook either a rescue place or a foster home on behalf of Oldies Club? He’s currently in Cheshunt, Herts.

If you can help please email oldies@oldies.org.uk

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