Shakti’s Amazing Advanced Dog Tricks!!

Shakti, the Shiloh Shepherd canine star is presenting some of the amazing advanced dog tricks she knows in this fantastic YouTube video:

  • turn the light on and off,
  • play the piano/keyboard,
  • chorus line kicks,
  • double hoop sequence,
  • play dead,
  • directed jumping,
  • directed retrieve,
  • act ashamed,
  • figure 8’s,
  • jump over my back,
  • go hide,
  • find the remote,
  • find the car keys,
  • say your prayers,
  • cover your eyes,
  • get the phone when it rings (and answer it!).

Shakti got awarded the Advanced Dog Trick Title by Kyra Sundance. This is Shakti’s 3rd dog trick movie and so far she has presented about 61 tricks. She knows even more tricks than that.

Visit Shakti’s website here.

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