Puppy Farming Chat & Phone-in on BBC Sussex

I’ll be back on BBC Sussex on Tuesday 15th September at 11am discussing puppy farming, responsible dog breeding and answering your pet-related calls, as well as looking forward to the World’s Biggest Puppy Party on Saturday 19th September in Brighton.

Listen live to the show here.

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  1. Hi

    I went to visit a cockapoo breeder on saturday so i thought in Wales. I thought i had thoroughly researched breeders. Typed in breeders and several breeders come up several times. One of them is supposed to be a pioneer in breeding cockapoos and dontes dogs to the deaf. Sounded like a good one. Contacted her. I even contacted a pet courier that she recommended on her web site. The breeders mobile phone is unobtainable and she only contacts by email. The pet courier told me she was respectable but dropped out that he had three pups that he could not get rid of. Spoke to him, emailed him and spoke to his wife. Lovely, lovely people. Answered all the right questions, dogs good with children, parents KC registered etc. Me and family set off to Wales to view pups. Get to this tip of a place and there are 11 dogs in garden. Various cocker spaniels, cavalier spaniels and a poodle. House is filthy and dogs she put all the dogs in the house. The stench hit you. Urine everywhere. Showed me a beautiful cocker spaniel and told me she was the mother. Disgusting daughter produced most adorable cream cockapoo pup. He had dried stuff on his fur and I thought he was not walking right on front paws. We held him. Children instantly loved him. We asked questions. I asked for KC papers and told only father registerd. Not KC papers. We went for walk to discuss. We said we would take him to each other. Children ecstatic. Somthing just was not right. Went back and when I got there I said I wanted a second look. Asked more questions and the pup was definitely not well. He was not lively and bouncy like a 12 week pup should be. We declined. She hurled obscenities at us and we ran as quick as possible to car.

    When I got home went on internet. She has her own website. She was advertising 5 different pups. These pups I recognised from being pups that original breeder has tried to sell me. These people should not be allowed to operate. Huge sums of money are being made here and they are selling sick animals. These pups sell between £650 and £800 each. Because they are crossbreeds they are not KC registered.

    You go on the internet. Look for different breeders, several keep coming up you read their testimonies etc and they seem genuine. You enter into dialogue or correspondence with them and they answer all correct answers.

    Should not be allowed. But what do you do. RSPCA say that the Local Authorities control them. The RSPCA cannot enter their premises without LA permission. Its all a conspiracy. These puppies chaning money for huge sums of money. Public should be protected.

    I am so annoyed. My children cant understand why mummy did not buy that puppy and we would have fixed him.

    Kind Regards


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