Special Appeal for Max

Max is a beautiful 11 year old long-haired German Shepherd who is desperate for a long-term foster home where he can be given the love and care he needs for his final years.

Max lived all his life with an elderly owner who was agoraphobic and never left the house. After the death of his owner Max came into Oldies Club care, but it quickly became apparent that he has severe separation anxiety and needs a home where there is someone around all the time.

So long as he has company, Max is a wonderful dog – calm, gentle, well-behaved and loves everybody.


Unfortunately as soon as he is left alone he becomes frantic, running round the house, knocking things over and scratching at doors searching for company. Max has a spinal condition which means his back legs are weak and he can’t walk far – in fact with a secure garden to potter in he would be quite happy not to go out.

Oldies Club Foster Co-ordinator Fiona Chalk says “Max is in a temporary foster home in Bracknell at the moment but can only stay there for a few days. After that we have nowhere for him to go, so things are looking very desperate. He wouldn’t cope with kennels, he would be so stressed it would be cruel to do that to him.

He’s wonderful with people but not good with other animals, so needs a home as an only pet where there is either someone in the house 24/7, or with someone who has friends or neighbours he can go to when they are out. It’s a tall order and at the moment we don’t have any options for him.

In the right home Max would make a wonderful companion, he is such a loving dog, and Oldies Club will cover any vets bills for the rest of his life”

Can you help Max? If you could offer Max the company he needs please contact Oldies Club on 08445 868656, e-mail rehome@oldies.org.uk or see our website www.oldies.org.uk

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