Urgent Foster/ Permanent Homes Needed‏ for Two Dogs

Oldies Club have two dogs in their care who URGENTLY need either foster or permanent homes – can you help?


Max is an 11 year old GSD. He is currently in a foster home in Watford, but his foster carer is going away at the end of this month and we therefore need a new foster or permanent home for him as soon as possible.

Max is a beautiful, friendly boy who loves people of all ages. He’s quiet, gentle and well-behaved around the house, happy to have a bit of fuss and a cuddle then retire to his bed for a snooze and to watch the world go by.  He adores being stroked and groomed.

Max has a spinal condition which means his back legs are weak and he can only manage very short walks, and would probably be happy with just a secure garden to potter in.

Max loves company and gets distressed if he is alone for more than short periods so needs a household where there is someone around most of the time. He would very happily live with children so long as they understood that he’s an older boy and wouldn’t want to be pulled around.  Although he has lived with another dog in the past he is choosy about doggy company and doesn’t like all dogs, so living with another dog would depend on successful introductions. Max does not like cats.

There is more information about Max here.


Tyson is an 8 year old GSD cross. He’s a very handsome boy who came into our care after being left for long hours in his previous home.  Tyson was moved into kennels as an emergency measure but has been there far too long now, and we really want to get him into a home environment on a permanent or foster basis as soon as possible.

Tyson is very fit and active and loves long walks and a chance to run (and swim!). He is quite an insecure dog who needs to feel confidence in his handler or he may become over-protective, but he responds extremely well to calm, consistent leadership. He is an intelligent dog who has been well trained and understands a lot of commands, and would enjoy ongoing training.

Tyson bonds very strongly to ‘his’ people and loves company, so wouldn’t be suitable for a household where people were at work all day.  He needs an adult-only home. He has lived with cats and other dogs in the past, and could possibly do so again subject to sensible introductions – however his ideal home would be as an only pet where he could have all the attention to himself!

Further details about Tyson are here.

If you may be able to help Max or Tyson or would like more information about them please contact 08445 868 656 or e-mail rehome@oldies.org.uk Please include a landline number.

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