Puppy Farming on Channel Five News 5pm & 7pm Tonight

Am on this programme tonight operating on a rescued ex-breeding bitch, commenting on some hidden footage recorded in a puppy farm and giving valuable consumer advice on how to spot a puppy-farmed puppy.

So please watch  tonight on Channel Five News on Tuesday 4th August 2009 at 5pm & 7pm.

To watch a preview of the recently filmed hidden footage and for more information about Channel Five News click here.


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  1. We are pleased for everyones help to spread the word about these dreadful puppy farms.
    Prodogs Direct take the Breed bitches after the farmer has finished with them and they are not profitable anymore. whenever the farmers let us we grab, the state of these poor dogs is terrible.
    These bitches have growths,mammary turmours,herias,Heart problems, blindness,very painful ears.Loss of fur and dreadful skin problems due to fleas and sitting in their on urine. They are full of worms.
    These dogs are caused so much pain during their life in these terrible farms by people that are only interested in the money they make and use these poor dogs as money making machines. Mentally the dogs are scar for life.
    Please do all you can to stop the puppy farmers being able to sell the pups by educating people and that is the only way we will ever stop them. Thank you. Gladys Hutcheson

  2. It is time the government closed down these places. Pups should be reared in the home with the family where both dam and pups can be watched closely.

    I suggest the RSPCA and Kennel Club start educating the public through TV avertising.

  3. Hi,
    i watched the footage on 5news last night and it showed a place called DOGS4US Pendlebury Manchester, apparently this pet shop/kennels is buying these pups in from puppy farms in wales its claming to buy from redgisted breeders i wales however i don’t think its right for any new pup to travel so far without its mum and put into a kennel where its bought by someone who doesn’t know anything about it, i’ve heard that DOGS4US used to be called Mayfield kennels and it got closed down about 20years ago how can this place be re-opened?? i was talking to someone the other day and they visited this place although they said the kennels where nice sized and very clean one of the kennel maids was selling a AKITA to a woman in her late 60’s she was being told that this pup wouldn’t grow very big and would be suitable for her, as i work in a kennels i know that these dogs are very strong need a lot of exercise and attention i would never advise anyone to get one or any other type of dog unless they knew the breed or have done alot of reserch, the lady took the puppy after the kennel maid convinced her too.
    i live in Southport, Merseyside and in a place called Tarlton on the by-pass was a place called Pedigree puppies and kittens after a couple of long years this place was closed down as most of the pups had the deadly parvo virus, i was very upset to see that these places stil exist something needs to be done to stop them.

    Thanks for your time,

    Kirsty Johnson

  4. Write to Nick Ainger Welsh MP at
    aingern@parliament.uk and complain about Welsh puppy farm and how the local authorities license them regardless of the conditions. bombard them, people power works think of those poor little breeding bitches living a life of hell.

  5. Tonight I cried and am not ashamed of it when I looked at this video for the first time I have a Bichon who I love dearly and to see those moothers and puppie in that state upset me I was going to turn it off but I suffered the sadness for those dogs these people should be locked up in a cage with dirty water and bedding for life, what sort af goverment alows this sort of thing to go unpunished in america they would go to jail for a long stretch and fined as well. how do we allow this to go on.

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