Paws in the Park Cheltenham this Sunday!!

I’m looking forward to judging the novelty dog show at this years’ Paws in the Park in Cheltenham on Sunday 2nd August. Come along and say ‘Hi’!

For more information click here.

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  1. Hi Marc,

    It’s Chris – the compare from Paws in the Park. It was great meeting you over the weekend and I had a great time watching you try to choose between the 100’s of dogs on show!

    My girlfried and I watched the channel 5 news report that you were in – we were not aware of the scale of the problem with some dog breeders in this country. Well done for being involved in something that will hopefully make a difference!


    p.s. – Good luck in September with the Puppy Party… it should be lots of fun!

  2. Cheers Chris!

    Yeah really enjoyed meeting you too and thought Sunday was just brilliant.

    Thanks for your feedback about tonight’s show and if you wanna come along to Brighton with your girlfriend to support on 19th Sept then let me know. Maybe you could compere?


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