Celebrities support ThePet.net’s ‘World’s Biggest Puppy Party’

Puppy Farm Awareness Day 2009: My ‘Social petworking’ website is proud to lead the fight against cruel UK Puppy Farming trade

Dog-loving celebrities and sports personalities are giving their full support to Puppy Farm Awareness Day which takes place this year on 19th September 2009.

This special day will help to educate the millions of people in the UK who are considering buying a puppy but are unsure who to contact and what to do next about purchasing one.

Located in remote areas of our British countryside Puppy Farms mass-produce puppies which are usually removed from their mothers too early, transported across the country to dealers, who then sell them from the internet, pet shops, free newspapers or even motorway service stations.

As a result these poor puppies are bought lacking socializing skills and commonly suffer from fatal health problems including pneumonia, parvovirus, as well as dangerous infestations of fleas and worms, often requiring hundreds of pounds of veterinary or behavioural treatment to fix.

Breeding bitches are usually kept in cages or small pens, rarely see daylight or touch grass, and are mated on every heat – just being fed enough to keep them producing pups, with little or no veterinary care at all.

Social media guru Andrew Seel and I wanted the British public to know the truth about where badly-bred puppies come from to help them choose a happy and healthy puppy rather than a sick or diseased farmed one. 

The ‘World’s Biggest Puppy Party’ invites all puppies and owners to take part in a fun gathering to raise national awareness about such an important and serious animal welfare issue.

This unique day will also feature a funky doggy shopping area, Scruffts cross-breed heats, assistance dog displays as well as an all-day celebrity-judged fun dog show open to dogs of all ages, with Ex-World Champion boxer Michael Watson MBE judging ‘Best Boxer Dog’!

I am treating more and more puppies that have come from puppy farms than ever before. It’s not the owners fault, they would rather have a happy and healthy pup, but aren’t keen to wait or spend the money in these tough economic times. So here are my tips for choosing a puppy:

1. For a pedigree (specific breed) puppy then always contact the Kennel Club first for their list of reliable and reputable breeders.
2. Ask to see the puppy’s mother (and preferably father) who should always be present.
3. Be suspicious of any breeder selling more than one (maximum two) type of breed.
4. Be prepared to be put on a waiting list – a healthy puppy is well-worth waiting for.
5. Ask if you can return the puppy if things don’t work out. Most responsible breeders will always say yes.
6. Never buy a puppy because you feel like you’re rescuing it. You’ll only be making space available for another poorly pup to fill.
7. Consider cheaper alternatives to buying a pedigree puppy like getting a rescue dog or pup, and remember that every breed of dog has its own rescue society.

The World’s Biggest Puppy Party is a non-profit dog-show at Brighton Racecourse, Freshfield Road, Brighton, on 19th September 2009. Admission is a donation to be split between three charities: Hope Rescue, Sussex Pet Rescue and Pro Dogs Direct who rescue and rehabilitate ex-breeding bitches and stud-dogs.

All puppies (over twelve weeks of age) and dogs attending must have registered beforehand, have all their vaccinations upto date and all owners will be required to provide their vaccination certificates for inspection. Failure to do this will result in you and your dog being turned away and there will be no exceptions to this rule.

To find out more about which celebrities are judging at ThePet.net’s ‘The World’s Biggest Puppy Party’ on Puppy Farm Awareness Day, Sumer Health Advice or even Top Money Saving to help you and your pet through credit crunch, visit www.ThePet.net today.

ThePet.net’s ‘World’s Biggest Puppy Party’ supporters include The Kennel Club of Great Britain, Pet-ID, Company of Animals, Our Dogs Newspaper, Speaking Out For Animals (SOFA) Group.

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  1. Hi

    I’ve just come across your plans for the puppy party, and am just SO GLAD that someone is raising the roof about puppy farming – it is true that most of the great british public still are not really aware of the issue, and have very little idea how to go about finding a healthy well-bred puppy.

    I went to your networking site to find out more about it, and found my business already on your site (great!). I own a large pet shop in the midlands, Champion Pet Supplies or ‘Championpets’ (we don’t sell pets by the way, but give advice to customers where to find a puppy or rescue dog). On 1st August it is our 17th Birthday Open Day, and I shall advertise your Puppy Party and Puppy Farm Campaign. I think EVERY puppy should be bought direct from the breeder, and seen with it’s mother and littermates. I used to breed and show Bearded Collies, but do not any more because I do not have the necessary time to devote to it. We have both dog and cat rescue organisations at our Open Day, and a dog trainer to give free help and advice.

    I am so glad I came upon your site, and will put up some information on our shop notice board.
    Regards, Mary Sanders

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