“My Weapon Is A Dog” BBC THREE Thursday 21 May 2009, 9pm

(From BBCTHREE website) On nearly every high street from Penzance to London and Glasgow to Belfast, there’s a new “must-have” accessory for some young men. Not the latest trainers or mobile phone, but fierce, snarling dogs.

Rickie Haywood-Williams explores the hip-hop and peer-pressure culture that has led to this growth in aggressive dogs in his hometown of London – on the streets and abandoned in shelters. He discovers that dogs are bred, bought, sold and given away with incredible ease.

In some cases dogs are deliberately trained and even abused to make them vicious. Methods of “toughening up” dogs include chain fighting and beatings. The owners claim it’s all necessary for protection – but are they always in control of their animals?

Rickie learns that the “Staffie”, formerly a dog of choice, is now being replaced by bigger, fiercer breeds as the dog to have. Shockingly, he discovers that the Pit Bull, the most notorious status dog of all, is back with a vengeance.

Rickie meets victims of vicious dog attacks to hear their reaction to the rise in aggressive dogs. He also visits vets at Harmsworth Animal Hospital as they desperately try to patch up dogs after they’ve been abused or neglected.

The film also seeks to understand the status dog culture from the owners’ point of view – examining the question of why so many young men want to be feared?


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5 replies

  1. Media sensationalism and poor Journalism is evident in this programme. That dog in the pic looks like a pit cross Dogue de bordeux or mastiff, its not a pure pit.
    When will authorities punish the owners and not the breed!? It is usually insecure guys that make there dogs fight.
    And it’s a stupid law anyway, if you ban pits, they will just use other banned dogs, dogo argentino,tosa inus,brasilian filas, or develop another breed, it doesnt stop the problem at all..

  2. im fed up of this nanny state telling us what we can and cannot have. i like big dogs and love the look of the japanese tosa. but cannot have what i want because its banned. why not ban rottweilers there just as big and can be just as aggressive. its some people that need to be banned from owning dogs. not the dogs

  3. i would like to rescue the dog from -dog is my weapon programme-they pup with bitten ears etc–our dog is 14 and would be nice to have another rescue dog who needs a good home-where is the vet in series?

  4. Hey Paul, it was the RSPCA Harmsworth Memorial Hospital And Clinic, 22 Sonderburg Road N7 7QD.
    Tel: 020 7272 6214. Good luck!

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