‘Stray Dogs’ Radio Series Starts Today on BBC Gloucestershire

I’ve recently been contributing to this pre-recorded week-long radio series about stray dogs which will be broadcast on BBC Radio Gloucestershire all this week, starting today, Monday 16th March, at about 9:45 am each day.

As you may know already it’s our www.ThePet.net ‘Year of the Rescue Pet’, so this innovative series discusses rescue dog topics e.g. microchipping and rehoming, further shows our continued commitment to rescue pets nationwide.
You can listen on 104.7, 95 and 95.8 FM, 1413 AM and online at www.bbc.co.uk/gloucestershire You can listen again to the shows using the BBC iPlayer on the website, for up to one week after broadcast.

For more information about the Stray Dog series click here.

P.S. I had a bit of a cold when this was recorded so that’s why I sound a bit weird (well, weirder than usual anyway!!)

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