Mary Ray’s Riverdance at Crufts 2009

I was absolutely amazed by this breath-taking heelwork-to-music performance by the legendary Mary Ray just before last Sunday’s Best in Show at Crufts 2009; and so pleased that someone recorded it and uploaded it to YouTube!

For me, Mary’s moving Riverdance display really summed up a great few days up at the Birmingham NEC – a true celebration of all dogs and all the many positive and mutual benefits dog-ownership can bring.

Well worth a look.

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  1. I think Mary and her dogs are fabulous, I have just watched Riverdance and enjoyed every second. Well done!!!

  2. I was astounded by the young girl that won the British Freestyle Final AND the Heelwork TO Music Final and then went on to win the International Freestyle Final at Crufts. This has never been done before! I believe from reading Tina’s website, that her dog is a rescue from a dog pound. Her routines were breathtaking – I particularly liked the one where the dog taught her to dance – I cried the whole way through, when I wasn’t laughing, as it was so touching, sweet and funny – the audience around me were reacting in exactly the same way, so I didn’t feel such an idiot. The love between Tina and the dog was so very evident, it was beautiful.
    Her website is and the videos are on there as well as YouTUbe – her name is Tina Humphrey, BTW!

  3. I would give any thing to have that buzz you must get when doing this routine, the command you had was just amazing. l would love to see you pratice teaching your wonderful doggies, l just keep watching the clip and dreaming that my Rosie and l are doing it, yes l am mad, but l just love it.

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