It’s ‘Cats Only’ This Week!

After the canine craziness of last weekend’s Crufts, it seems only fair that this week (and a few days next week too) I divert my veterinary attention solely to our domesticated feline species.

I’m working at Kitten to Cat, a purpose-built year-old cat-only veterinary practice in Kew, London, that has been built and designed with everything a cat (and cat-owner) desires.

From the fishtank in the ultra-stylish waiting room to the various plug-in diffusers pumping feline pheromones into every room 24/7; guaranteeing every feline patient the most stress-free visit possible and better still making sure they all leave purring for more.

So if you’re in the area and love cats, Kitten to Cat is well worth a visit. Click here to visit their website.

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  1. Marc, I am very concerned that Vets are allowing cats to be fed dry pet food when cats have no nutritional need for the 30-60% carbohydrate in it and when veterinary research shows that feeding dry pet food to cats is giving them obesity, diabetes, cystitis, ibd, struvite crystals, calcium oxalate stone, dilated cardiomyopathy and shows that the acidifiers in dry pet food are giving cats kidney failure. Please see the website of Dr. Michael Fox MRCVS for the veterinary research that shows that pet food is causing these illnesses. His excellent book on the illness pet food is causing is a must read for all Vets and pet owners. The book is called “Not fit for a Dog (or Cat) – The Truth about Manufactured Pet Food”. Dr. Fox’s website is – 92k – Perhaps you might want to look also at the websites of Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins DVM and Dr. Lisa Pierson DVM at and since both of these Vets impress on cat owners how very wrong it is to feed dry food to cats. However, even tinned food is giving cats needless illness since the veterinary research shows it is giving them cancer and hyperthryoidism. Would be interested in your comments on this.

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