‘Pet Shop Boys’ on BBC One Tonight!

On tonight’s episode of Rogue Traders (BBC1 8pm), Matt Allwright and Dan Penteado investigate pet shops and dog breeders selling sick puppies.

Matt and Dan go undercover to buy three puppies from establishments which have been reported to the RSPCA or trading standards.

According to the BBC programme preview, ‘One of the puppies cost £350 and was bought as a pedigree King Charles spaniel. But within a few days it falls ill with parvovirus, a severe intestinal infection, and has to be put down.

Matt and the team reveal that in many cases, the paperwork is inadequate to prove a puppy’s pedigree, or that it has been properly vaccinated. One of the dogs purchased by the Rogue Traders team had a docked tail, a procedure which was made illegal in England, Scotland and Wales in 2007.’

I, like many I’m sure, really hope this programme helps to educate the public on how to buy/choose a puppy, as this is such a serious issue that seems to be quickly getting even more out of hand.

It does mean of course that EVERY complaint that the public lodges with the RSPCA after this programme airs tonight results in a proper and thorough investigation leading to the collapse and end of this cruel and inhumane industry for good.

So even if you suspect a puppy farm or a pet-shop is being supplied by one contact the RSPCA immediately on their excellent 24hour Cruelty Line: 0300 1234 999

Tell-tale signs of a puppy farmer include:

  • Offering to hand the pup over in a random place (typically a motorway service station)
  • Many different breeds for sale
  • Pups not seen with their mother
  • Breeder being very pushy
  • Please don’t be fooled by phoney paperwork/vaccination certificates
  • Puppies advertized online, local free papers, shop windows

For more info about tonight’s programme click here

For information about Many Tears Rescue, a charity specializing in re-homing and re-habilitating ex-breed bitches, click here


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