Response to BBC Pulling Out of Crufts

I was gutted when I heard the news that the BBC, our country-and-beyond’s primary public information service had dropped Crufts.

But not just for the Kennel Club, for they’ve proved that they’re a strong bunch who will continue to bounce back from all this recent negativity and name-calling.

I was gutted for all those dogs in rescue shelters whose odds of being re-homed in the spring have just been slashed from about 2/1 to 1000/1; the equivalent of a small second-hand car garage having their 3-minute advert in that break before they announce the X-factor winner removed, and ironically depriving exactly the same number of excited viewers in the cruel process.

We all know that Crufts is more than a dog show. It’s a celebration of dog-ownership, highlighting all the positive aspects of canine companionship to a massive targeted audience of potential dog owners worldwide.

Credit crunch means our shelters are overflowing – it can only get much worse now. And if the BBC’s main reason is animal cruelty then I look forward to next year’s Grand National being dropped too; or better still according to BBC’s new censorship rules (excluding certain breeds, Brand/Ross), how about only allowing those horses to race who definitely won’t fall?


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  1. All the so called responsible organisations who have pulled out of Crufts will no doubt find that financial support previously given by owners of pedigree dogs may well be dramatically reduced, and I hope the Kennel Club stop financial support too. Any decent knowledgeable organisations would be working with dog owners to rectify any perceived health problems that breeds may have, not trying to conduct a witch hunt.
    The RSPCA appear to be more like PETA with every week that passes, and that is an organistion that any right minded person will have nothing to do with. They use shock tactics to draw people in, but look at their underlying hidden agenda, speak to our friends over the pond they will put you straight. (See all the anti PETA sites)
    The BBC haven’t a clues about pedigree dogs and their owners. No responsible breeder wants to breed unhealthy dogs. They have just jumped on the band wagon without putting their brains into gear.

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