Get in the Christmas Spirit in aid of Conservation!

How your tipple of choice can help an extinct Sussex bird that’s ‘on the rocks’.

With its blue-black plumage, brilliant red ‘eyebrows’ and rock-star posturing, the Black Grouse is a true wonder of the bird world.

Hunted to extinction in the South Downs by the 1930s, this strutting avian star is now found in so few UK places the RSPB has joined forces with The Famous Grouse to produce a special edition Black Grouse whisky.

Proceeds will go to help save the bird in its few remaining haunts, while giving its drinkers an extra warm glow!

Sainsbury’s is already stocking the distinctive tipple, and with £10,000 raised so far the RSPB is hoping more whisky drinkers will raise a glass for Black Grouse this Christmas.

Hester Phillips, of the RSPB South East, said: “In the good old days, Sussex would have enjoyed the sight and sounds of the infamous black grouse ‘lek’, which is when the males strut their stuff on traditional dancing grounds, making strange bubbling-like calls to impress the ladies.

“Sadly, these days are gone but this weird and wonderful sight still exists in a few remote parts of the UK and we’re determined to keep it that way.

We are hoping people will plump for Black Grouse when they buy their tipple of choice this Christmas, and want to say a big thank you to all those who are already nobly sipping for conservation.”

For each bottle sold in the UK, The Famous Grouse will make a donation to fund woodland and upland habitat improvements in the Pennines, Wales and Scotland.

And if you’re fan of black grouse, but not hot on the whisky, then becoming a member of the RSPB will have pretty much the same warming effect. 

For more information on the RSPB’s black grouse conservation work visit or call 01767 680551.

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