Christmas Ideas for Your Pet!

Christmas is exactly a month away and we’re all planning who’s getting what present, desperately trying not to leave anyone, or anything, out.

But have you found your four-legged loved-ones’ special Yuletide gift yet?

Most of you I’m sure will buy your pet special gifts all year round, but how about giving something original to honour this festive time of year?

We’re so lucky in Brighton & Hove, utterly spoilt with excellent pet shops tempting us inside.

From traditional garden centres offering all the basics to a select group of high-end pet boutiques showcasing crystal-studded dog collars and trendy see-through cat bowls no less.

Every year it amazes me; the imagination and creativity shown by the pet product manufacturers to reinvent old-fashioned concepts and turn them into cool, flashy high-end gifts.

You don’t have to look online and I urge you all to support our local businesses at this time of year by paying them a visit in person.

Personally I’m not a fan of silly novelty clothes for dogs (or cats) as I find it disrespectful.

Owners insisting their dogs love to dress-up as reindeer, Santa or Star Wars characters, wearing antlers with flashing lights, hoof-booties and sometimes even topped-off by the obligatory elf hat.

However on a more positive note, I’d much rather see more money spent on a pet than less.

Food is always another popular festive choice. Christmas stockings bulging with pet-friendly chocolate drops, turkey-flavoured treats and edible cards are widespread but please, when choosing food try to source healthy organic treats.

The golden rule is less changes to the gut bacteria the better, and this especially applies at this time of year when everyone’s guilty of feeding from the table and giving the ‘odd’ scrap.

No grapes or raisins either.

Make the most of the practical products out there like weatherproof thermal coats with reflective beading (see picture), or a cozy cat bed?

Even a microchip implant can be the most useful present you will ever treat your precious pet to.

They may not be glamorous to look at or much fun to play with, but as animals are more likely to get lost in these long cold wet nights ahead, they may be the one thing that ensures you spend future Christmas’ together as well.

And finally please think about local animal charities when spoiling your pet this Christmas.

Make donations in money, bedding or food, so animals in rescue centres can also feel special; as they perhaps wonder why they are alone in a kennel this year and not curled up by the fire like the last.

Remember – it’s not their fault.

To find the best local pet shops visit

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