Noel Gallagher Foils Dog Theft!

Dog Theft Action (DTA) was interested to read of Oasis star Noel Gallagher’s recent heroic defence of a stolen dog.

The story widely reported in the national press described how Mr Gallagher noticed a dog outside a supermarket.

He recognised the dog as the constant companion of Caroline Monro a former Bond movie actress.

When he observed a gang of youths wearing hoodies approach the dog and attempt to steal it he tackled them head on.

They claimed to be looking after the dog for a friend. Mr Gallagher asked them for the dog’s name but they were unable to respond.

At this point Mr Gallagher suggested in no uncertain terms that they leave the dog alone and remove themselves from the potential crime scene.

Fortunately they gang took his advice and no harm came to Mr Gallagher or to the black Labrador.

Dog Theft Action is grateful to Noel Gallagher for this heroic act and the registered charity has written to his agents to offer their sincere appreciation.

Dog theft occurs with alarming regularity throughout the UK and no dog is exempt.

DTA has heard from dog owners whose dogs have been stolen during burglaries, car thefts and muggings, from their own gardens and while out on walks. Dogs have even been stolen at knife and gunpoint!

Recently DTA participated in Discover Dogs a very successful event organised by the Kennel Club. The main focus of their information was avoiding dog theft where possible.

The charity suggests that dog owners:

  • Do not leave their dogs unattended either in cars or outside shops.
  • Invest in permanent identification either microchipping or tattooing or both!
  • Ensure that fences are adequate to keep dogs in and intruders out.
  • DTA also recommends that the public do not purchase dogs from pubs or from markets.

Dog Theft Action chairman Neil Ewart said, “This high profile incident brings home the growing menace of dog theft but for Noel Gallagher’s timely and very welcome intervention Dog Theft Action dreads to think what might have happened to this much loved dog and we extend our heartfelt thanks to him”.

Dog Theft Action

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