goes Live!

This is a rather big week for me folks.

Because I’m proud to tell you all that is now built, ready and finally going live; with all pet-owners and pet-related business owners e.g. vets, groomers, pet shops, pet-friendly hotels, pubs and even letting agents now having access to an extraordinary new service, and all completely for free too!

It all started almost four years ago to the day when I was representing my emergency vet clinic at a local business awards ceremony.

We ended up coming runners-up to a Brighton-based web-marketing company called Qube, and were rather amazed when a bottle of champagne suddenly arrived at our table from Qube’s boss, a lovely chap called Andrew Seel.

Andrew and I got chatting and it became clear that as well as sharing a massive love for pets and animals in general, that there was a seemingly obvious gaping hole in the pet-industry that no-one had identified yet.

Today’s biggest most exciting business success stories are those brands that a few years ago didn’t even exist. I’m talking about YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, eBay, etc., collectively known as social media networks. We all use them and I bet you know some people who are even addicted to them?

It’s hard to imagine that websites like these were all in fact just simple empty shells once, relying on you the online user to input all the information, or ‘content’, to share with other like-minded people or ‘virtual communities’ as they are known. 

Regular readers will know that I’m nauseatingly passionate about customer service, value-for-money and those lovely businesses out there that proudly and always put your ‘pet before profit’.

Sadly as a result these are usually the businesses that lack massive marketing budgets so not everyone knows about them and they just plod along being all vocational and ‘nice’.

Well aims to change all that as we believe they deserve more business. In www-Land, pet-owners are a thriving vertical niche community, sharing specific interests, experiences, thoughts and ideas, and relying heavily on word-of-mouth, recommendation and comment.

‘But pet forums have been around for years!’ you may well ask. Sure, but none of them have ever helped the pet-owner find the most value-for-money vet in this way, or a pet-shop that really does care for your beloved pet or even which hotel or pub you can enjoy with your whole family.

Andrew and I hope you all enjoy It’s by pet owners for pet owners.

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