‘Dog Theft Action’ at Discover Dogs

My good friends Dog Theft Action will be at this years Discover Dogs exhibition…

‘The Trustees of Dog Theft Action (DTA) have observed with great sadness the recent withdrawal of several well respected organisations from Kennel Club (KC) organised events such as Discover Dogs and Crufts.

DTA has always been of the opinion that the only way to combat issues like dog theft is for the canine world to unite together in a concerted effort to prevent the continued suffering of dogs and their owners and to put a stop to the continuing success of those involved in this despicable crime.

DTA is pleased to announce that it will definitely be joining campaigners Vets Get Scanning at Discover Dogs on 8th and 9th November at Earls Court 2 at the kind invitation of Petlog, the KC’s pet reunification service.

DTA has received help, advice and encouragement from the KC and Petlog ever since the charity embarked on its journey to end dog theft as a lucrative crime and would like to express its appreciation for that support.

Discover Dogs has always been regarded by DTA as an important event for would be dog owners as well as existing ones. The concept of providing the public with information about responsible pet ownership is very much supported by DTA.

As the credit crunch bites, relationships suffer and dogs once comfortable within a family unit can become objects of contention. DTA has received an increasing number of calls from distraught owners whose relationships have ended and ownership of the family dog is disputed enough for accusations of theft to be made and legal advice sought.

Therefore DTA will be offering information and advice about avoiding this distressing and potentially expensive situation along with suggestions to avoid becoming a victim of dog theft.

Dog Theft Action chairman Neil Ewart said “this is a matter of concern to us.

Our advisers inform us that the legal process to establish ownership of a dog within a ‘family’ situation can be very distressing therefore we believe it is a good idea for people to decide who owns the dog and make definite plans about their pets’ future which can be implemented in case of breakup or indeed bereavement.”’

For further information please visit www.dogtheftaction.com

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