Autumn Dangers to Your Pets!

I think we can now safely assume that summer is well and truly over for another year, which means it’s time to look at some of the issues facing our pets this autumn.
As temperatures drop and the nights draw in, it’s extremely important to remember to continue (or even start!) decent anti-parasitic treatments to prevent problems associated with annoying fleas.

These tiny wingless insects are always such a major cause of irritation to both pets and their owners and, with our centrally-heated homes, are now a year-round menace!
Tiny orange harvest mites (pictured) may also be seen on our pets around now too. These very seasonal parasites are picked up from long grasses and tend to congregate on the ears, eyelids, feet and even underside of your pets tummy.

Picture: Harvest mite only 1mm in length

Like fleas, these mites can cause intense itchiness in susceptible individuals at this time of year – with itchy, crusty lesions developing on all affected areas.
Now is also the time to start planning for the upcoming firework season. Clever desensitization CD’s can cure your pets’ firework phobias but do need at least six weeks to work effectively preparing, your petrified pet for possibly the most traumatic time of his or her year.

Don’t leave it till the last minute to organize sedatives and of course, always keep pets indoors in the evenings to avoid firework injuries.
Many car owners will also be getting ready for the winter. Antifreeze – commonly used in car radiators – is a very tasty to our inquisitive pets (especially cats) and extremely poisonous.

If ingested, even small amounts will cause serious irreversible kidney damage and usually death.
To all you tortoise-owners out there – please start thinking about ensuring that your pets are more-than-adequately prepared for hibernation if they need it.
It’s so easy to forget how quickly our pets gain years too so please don’t forget that older dogs and cats tend to feel their joints more in the cold weather, and make sure they have plenty of warm bedding.

Look for any changes in mobility or even lameness and get your vet to check them if they seem to be getting stiff or sore – there’s a whole range of safe treatments available that will make the forthcoming months a lot more bearable.

And finally, when your beloved pet is all safe and ready for autumn, remember to make sure you take time out to watch the starlings over the Brighton piers, as they prepare to roost.

This mesmerizing swirling murmuration of starlings can usually be observed at sunset, and must truly be seen to be believed.

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  1. Thank you for this timely advice Marc… And watching the starlings is an amazing experience… When I lived on a farm, I used to be really sad to see the swallows disappear on their long trek to Africa… Then, in April, it was so wonderful to see them come back again! Amazing creatures…

    Sue x

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