The Kennel Club Answers Back!

Join Caroline Kisko and Dr Jeff Sampson from the Kennel Club as they answer your questions and dispel concerns over pedigree dog breeding:


Chat date: 27th August
Chat time: 12.00 noon


Following the recent BBC programme Pedigree Dogs Exposed, the Kennel Club would like to clear up negative impressions of pedigree dog breeding and suggestions that the dog community is doing little or nothing to improve the health of pedigree dogs.

The Kennel Club assisted the production company with the programme and hoped that what would be portrayed would be a balanced view of the work the Kennel Club is doing and what needs to be done within the dog world to ensure that pedigree dogs lead long and healthy lives.

Unfortunately the Kennel Club and the dog community have been left feeling that the programme was very one-sided and so would like to address some of the issues the programme raised and answer some of the questions that viewers are concerned about by taking part in an online webchat. 

If you are a dog-lover and have any concerns or questions following the programme, then join in the webchat to find out how Kennel Club health initiatives such as the introduction of the Accredited Breeder Scheme and research funding can help promote healthy breeding of pedigree breeds.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary and Dr Jeff Sampson, the Kennel Club’s genetic advisor joins them live online at on 27th August at 12.00 noon to answer your questions and dispel concerns over pedigree dog breeding.

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  1. The Kennel Club claims that dogs inherited all their current problems from back in the 1800s??? That’s self-serving nonsense. Dogs back then were significantly heathier and more functional.

    Bassets back when the breed standard was written, for example, were required to be “able to sustain a 1 1/2 hour trot without obvious exhaustion”. A Basset today would be lucky to jog half-way around the block before keeling over.

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