‘Pedigree Dogs Exposed’ BBC1 Tonight

I, like most dog fans, am very interested in watching tonight’s screening of ‘Pedigree Dogs Exposed’ on BBC1 at 9pm.

But what I bet they won’t show is the incredible work the Kennel Club have been doing in the last few years to improve the health and welfare of pedigree dogs.

For example, take a look at their hugely successful Accredited Breeders Scheme, which was set up with strict requirements and guidelines designed specifically to:

‘Reinforce the basic concepts of responsible breeding practice for novice breeders and puppy buyers as tried and tested by experienced breeders over many years.

In so doing, to promote relevant health screening across all relevant breeds and to provide greater substance to the perceived value of a Kennel Club Registration Certificate in the eyes of the general public.’

For me it’s not the Kennel Club who are at fault as the last ten years have seen them noticeably change for the better, but those breeders who continue to behave irresponsibly, in denial for the suffering that they are causing for their stock and future generations.

It’s ‘pet vs. money machine’ and there doesn’t seem to be any grey area. I feel sorry for those breeders who patiently and consciously breed intelligently and with concern for preventing any animal suffering.

With promoting microchipping, their Charitable Trust, ‘Open for Dogs’ campaign highlighting dog-friendly hotels, restaurants and pubs and dog/human fitness and training campaigns too, the Kennel Club are doing so much to promote both canine heath and responsible pet ownership in this country, but all that good stuff is often overlooked.

For more information, please visit the Kennel Club website

Or the excellent brand new Dog Genetic Health website

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