Some chips are good for dogs…

What a busy month June was?! National Microchipping Month (NMM) meant the Kennel Club (KC) organizing two really enjoyable events to spread the word and encourage more owners to get their pets chipped.

The first was a microchipping morning held under and around the bandstand of Battersea Park in London. With representatives from nearby Battersea Dog & Cat Home, Petlog, Pet-ID and the local authorities, we managed to chat with many dog-walkers out and about and even managed to implant a few chips too. It was also the first time I’d ever met an Alaskan Klee Kai, very cute indeed!

The second NMM event was up in Coventry at their lovely War Memorial Park. Again, a really enjoyable and constructive event held in association with Coventry Police, with some colourful canine displays and a few extra West Midlands dogs ending-up chipped by the end of the day too, including Petlog’s beautiful new Rottweiler puppy Mystie.


Battersea Dog & Cat Home



Interview with Marion from Battersea Dog & Cat Home 


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