Pups and the City!

Now from a British park all the way across ‘The Pond’ to New York’s famous and absolutely massive Central Park. When I was over there a few months back I spent a lot of my time exploring this fascinating dog-loving city, and going upto people asking them about the pros and cons of owning a pampered pooch in the city that never sleeps.

On the whole, most New Yorkers were full of praise for their extensive choice of doggy daycare, pet spas and luxury ‘resorts’, but the only con that kept emerging almost every time, was the law that prohibits dogs into public food-serving establishments – that’s a huge amount of dog-free delis, bars and restaurants.

As most of you are aware, France is the leader in dog-friendly places but we are catching up quickly thanks to the KC’s recent innovative Open for Dogs campaign.

Open For Dogs

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