Live Phone-in on BBC Southern Counties Radio

On Monday I’ll be joining Gordon Astley on his morning show to answer your pet questions between 11-11.30am – I absolutely love this gig!

Listen Live to BBC SCR



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  1. Hi Marc,

    Listening to you on Southern Counties today, I was so pleased that you emphasised the importance of dental care for pet dogs and cats.

    As such, I’d be interested for your opinion on feeding a raw meaty bone diet to dogs and cats. As a proponent of such a diet, I am delighted with both the effect on my dog’s teeth and also on their general health.

    As one of the founders of UKRMB ( it could be assumed that I am anti vet. Not so though – just anti the influence which the processed pet food industry has over the profession.

    I’d be very grateful to hear your views.

    Jackie (Marriott)

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