Get Walking with Your Dog!

So how many of us have already broken our New Years resolutions? Urgent changes in lifestyle, fitness regimes and stopping all bad habits are usually top of our lists, and always first to go. And, what’s more, we’re all guilty! Year upon year we help ourselves to that extra helping of Christmas pudding, self-promising that we’ll join a gym, or better still, attend the one we joined last January!

Of course the reality is that we’ve not got the time, can’t be bothered, or simply just tire of exercise routines, making little progress in getting fitter and healthier – and we’re another year older.

Walking your dog is one of the most effective forms of physical activity. It is a key factor in the health and well being of your dog and it will help you shed some of those extra pounds gained over Christmas too – especially when you consider that it is estimated that most of us eat around 7,000 calories on Christmas Day alone!

So what are you waiting for? Switch off the telly, leave Facebook alone for an hour-or-so, wrap-up warm and go take your dog for a walk. Regularly walking your four-legged friend is so good for you and for so many reasons. For example, did you know that 30 minutes of brisk dog walking can burn around 300 calories – the equivalent to a ‘typical’ portion of Christmas pudding?
Do that at least five times a week, and you’ll be receiving the important ultra-healthy benefits from such a dedicated and structured exercise routine. These include longer life expectancy, and a reduced risk of not just heart disease, but other health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and osteoporosis. That’s only 1.5% of the total time in a week, and for a priority like improving your health, it represents an excellent investment of time and effort!

Walking your pooch regularly can also enhance mental wellbeing, improving self-esteem, relieving symptoms of depression and anxiety, and improving mood. We’re so spoilt for beautiful scenery here in Sussex; beaches, fields and forests that are perfect for relaxation, social contact and ideal for a family adventure in the fresh air.

Why not take a flask of something hot and a few snacks and make a day of it? If children experience walking as part of a fun activity they are more likely to want to go again rather than sitting at home playing their computer games and getting fat.

The benefits of owning a pet are crystal clear. Walking your dog on a regular basis is great – it will help keep you, your family and your pet healthy. Furthermore, along with exercise, it is also important that you look after the health of your pet too.

So please worm your pet at least four times a year, keep all vaccinations upto date, and of course pick up your dog’s poo to prevent contamination of the environment.

Happy walking!

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