New Memorial & Fencing for Puppy Park Mango’s Gate Unveiled 2.30pm Sun 27th Nov


(Withdog Press Release) Withdean Park Dog Walking Community (‘Withdog’) aim to socialise dogs and humans of all ages at the north Brighton ‘puppy park’. Their latest activity is a new memorial to Mango, a 10-month female Podengo rescued from The Algarve. Sadly, Mango was run over and killed near Dyke Road Park in August after…

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The Donkey Sanctuary joins Asia for Animals Coalition to boost international campaigns


(The Donkey Sanctuary Press Release) Asia for Animals Coalition is a group of 18 well-known and respected animal welfare organisations with a shared focus on improving the welfare of animals in Asia. The coalition helps to provide international campaign support for the activities of Non-Governmental Organisations working on animal welfare issues. Alex Mayers, Programme Manager…

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Save Me Trust Says Badger Cull E-Petition Response from Government is Misleading


(Save Me Trust Press Release) The government responded to this petition when it received 10,000 signatures. Unfortunately, the government’s response was so inaccurate and selective that it appears to represent a deliberate attempt to mislead the public. There are four key inaccuracies in the government response: (1)The response claims that recent experience in Gloucestershire, Somerset,…

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