BVA commends Scottish Government as it sets UK precedent with Wild Animals in Circuses Bill


(BVA Press Release) Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has outlined her programme for Government in the Scottish Parliament (7th Sept), including the intention to introduce a Wild Animals in Circuses Bill. Responding to the announcement, BVA Scottish Branch President Grace Webster said: “An opportunity to improve animal welfare has been presented and BVA commends the…

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Food puzzles enhance feline wellbeing


(International Cat Care Press Release) Greater understanding of the importance of environmental enrichment in enhancing an animal’s physical and social environment is bringing benefits for pet cats – particularly those that are kept solely indoors. Our feline companions are very similar to their closest ancestor, the African wildcat, in terms of their behavioural needs; and…

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Weedkiller Advice for Cat Owners 


(International Cat Care Press Release) With the summer here, now is the perfect time to get outdoors! Many of us spend this time of year enjoying and maintaining our gardens, which may include putting down weedkillers to keep our lawns in tip-top condition. However, what you might not know is that these products and the…

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